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Negros Forest and Ecological Foundation promotes community based renewable energy

Negros Forest and Ecological Foundation promotes community based renewable energy


One of the critical concerns about the climate change is the tremendous volume of carbon emissions, due to widespread use of fossilized fuels as main sources of energy. Carbon and other so called greenhouse gases accumulate in the atmosphere, and destroy the ozone layer that helps regulate the natural climatic pattern of the different parts of the world. It is by this account that there are now global initiatives in maximizing the use of renewable and sustainable energy to avert further deterioration of the ozone layer.

The destruction of the ozone layer is already an irreversible damage and it started to bring some catastrophic circumstances just like the recent typhoons that wrought unimaginable devastation in Luzon, Philippines. Experts say we have to brace ourselves for most unlikely calamities that may happen due to climate change phenomenon. It is therefore necessary that measures undertaken to minimize the impacts of this situation.

The Negros Forest and Ecological Foundation in Negros Occidental, one of the pioneering conservation organizations in the Philippines, continues to respond with the demands and needs of current times, not only through the implementation of conservation projects, but including providing direct benefits to local communities. In a joint initiative with the Talisay City government, NFEFI facilitated the construction of a mini-hydro power plant at the foot of the North Negros Natural Park in Sitio Campuestohan, Brgy. Cabatangan in Talisay City, Negros Occ. The construction of this mini-hydro power plant was also in partnership with the Barangay Cabatangan Council, the Cabatangan Farmers Multi-purpose Cooperative and the Campuestohan Upland Farmers Association.

The switch-on ceremony of the power plant was held recently with Talisay City Mayor Eric Saratan, and other city and barangay officials gracing the event.  Representatives from NFEFI, Central Negros Electric Cooperative and Bacolod City Water District also witnessed the ceremony.

In this mini-hydro plant, the power is generated when flowing water passes over a waterwheel, which drives a turbine. It provides some 5 KVA of electrical power for about 40 households in the community. The water supply comes from the Caliban River and Pula Creek where a mini dam was constructed in the early 1990s for irrigation needs of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program beneficiaries in Sitio Mambucano, Barangay Cabatangan in Talisay City.

“A reliable source of electricity is going to make a great deal of difference to villagers in Campuestohan”, said NFEFI chairperson Paul Lizares. The technology is well-proven and is especially suitable in frontier barangays where there is sufficient volume of water flowing from springs, rivers, streams and canals.  “Motor-driven generators that require fossil fuels are expensive and not good for the environment whereas using a natural renewable energy source like flowing water, is a win-win for everyone”, Lizares added.

The cost of installing a mini-hydro unit is relatively cheap and affordable for local government units, according to NFEFI. The assembly uses simple materials and its operation, maintenance and repair can be easily handled by the community after brief hands-on skills training.

Speaking at the switching-on ceremony, Saratan said: “We are delighted this dream has become a reality. With so much flowing water in the upland there are endless possibilities for further mini-hydro projects.”

This project offers a good example on how we should be able to harness the use of our natural resources to abate environmental problems while providing benefits to communities. This would also encourage local folks to rehabilitate and protect the watershed so that the watery supply for the mini-hydro power plant shall be sustained in the long term. 


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  1. Hi Rol, nice blog site…

    Keep up the good work for the environment esp. in Negros.

    -arman toga
    negros daily bulletin (
    mobile 09393-999393

    Comment by arman toga / 09393-999393 | September 26, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Arman,

      Thank you for visiting my site and the comment. Been a while we did not hear each other. Best regards.

      Comment by Errol Abada Gatumbato | September 26, 2010 | Reply

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  3. Awesome info once again! I am looking forward for more updates!

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